(Ukulele)l Jazz Blues for Ukulele e-book

Learn to play jazz blues with jazz chords

Jazz blues formulas are much different than basic three-chord blues. Get that distinctive jazz sound in your blues in step by step instruction shown in big, easy to understand diagrams. Twenty four page workbook

Learn how to get that distinctive jazz sound in
when playing the blues!

Get your ukulele to cry out with some jazzy blues sounds. With just a few, easy-to-make jazz chords and patterns, you’ll learn how jazz players create that cool groove when they get together to jam. These hip jazz blues chords and patterns are fun to play and jam on, and have a more sophisticated sound than the usual three-chord blues. Get new rhythm ideas for the jazz blues too.

This book is not generally for beginning ukulele players unless they have previous guitar experience. The ability to play simple bar chords or be willing to try is all that is necessary.

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